Masse e pesiere OIML

Masse OIML M1

Adjusted to Meet or Exceed OIML M1 Tolerances
OIML Class M1 Weights and Weight Sets
Masse OIML M1 Caratteristiche
Weights are Aluminum, Brass, Nickeled Brass or Stainless Steel
Weight Sets up to 500g include a Polycarbonate Case. Weight Sets above 500g include Wood Hinged Case with Polycarbonate Case inside for weights 500g and below.
Individual Weights up to 500mg include a Polypropylene Case. Weights from 1g to 5kg include a Polycarbonate Case. Rectangular 10kg, 20kg and 50kg weights do not include a case.
Masse OIML M1 Modelli
Masse OIML M1 Dettagli
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